Community Outreach Initiatives

When young adults are not working or studying hard, you can be sure they are enjoying their time off. Tobacco reduction, protection and prevention initiatives have to reach places where young adults play and live, and two community outreach initiatives achieve that goal.

The Community Detailing Initiative will engage businesses and community organizations where young adults “hang out” to promote cessation resources.These community partners know youth – their customers – and youth culture, and can reach them where they socialize and have fun; at bars, restaurants, shopping malls, events and recreation centres.

British Columbians are protected from second-hand smoke in public places but many are still exposed to unwanted tobacco smoke entering their homes from neighbouring units. The Smoke-Free Housing in Multi-Unit Dwellings Initiative will work with housing providers to create more smoke-free living spaces. The Heart and Stroke Foundation is implementing a smoke-free housing pilot project to provide technical support to interested housing providers, and is conducting educational forums across BC. Soon, young adults will have more choices for smoke-free rental housing.

Click here to download the Executive Summary of the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research External Evaluation for the Smoke-Free Housing in Multi-Unit Dwellings initiative.

For the complete evaluation contact shartleyfolz(at)bchealthyliving(dot)ca

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