BC Gets Top Marks in Report Card on Health

Have you ever seen a kid do an insanely over-the-top victory lap after making a goal or winning a game? Well British Columbia, now it’s your turn. You can stand-up, high-five and yell “we’re number ONE!” because we just got the top health score in Canada.

According to a recent Conference Board of Canada Report Card on Health, BC outperformed all of the other provinces and territories on a score based on 11 indicators. And internationally, BC was third – just behind Switzerland and Sweden. What’s great about this ranking is that the indicators are measures that hold some weight, including life expectancy, infant mortality and premature mortality.

There is also fair consideration of chronic disease in the report. BC picked up top marks with A’s on mortality due to cancer and B’s for mortality due to heart disease and stroke, respiratory disease and nervous system diseases. Mortality due to diabetes needs investigation and clearly more work as it was our lowest mark with a ‘C’.

Good news is worth celebrating and our Director, Mary Collins acknowledges the efforts of government. In a Ministry of Health Press Release she says, “Certainly the active role that the Government of BC has taken whether with ActNowBC or more recently Healthy Families BC, has been instrumental in moving British Columbians to healthier lifestyles and better health.

However, we don’t want to be complacent. As the Conference Board of Canada report points out, rising rates of chronic diseases necessitate a continued focus on disease prevention and health promotion.”

And we’re pleased that Minister Lake agrees and sees this as, “[no] reason for us to slow down our work or settle for the status quo, but rather an opportunity to build on our successes.” Because of course, we have some ideas about how BC can continue to make the honour roll.

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