Break the Workplace SIT, EAT, SIT, EAT, SIT Cycle…

When it comes to work, it’s very easy to get lulled into inactivity. Business travel is especially bad because we sit in the taxi or bus, then sit in the waiting room, sit and eat in the airplane, sit in the taxi again, eat, sit through meetings, eat again, sit through more sessions, eat again then maybe go out and sit, eat and drink with colleagues. Do you see the pattern?!

While you might feel funny doing jumping jacks during a presentation or strategy session  it is possible to add activity into the work mix. Planning ahead is one way to make space for physical activity in our busy lives.
Tomorrow I’ll be packing my bags for the Canadian Public Health Association’s annual conference in Montreal. Exercise classes are an unlikely part of the official conference program, per se….so I’m making sure that I pack running shoes, swimsuit and exercise gear to take along. I need to walk the walk in health promotion, not just talk the talk at the conference.  As with most business hotesl, the one I’ll be staying at has a gym and a  swimming pool. The other obvious choice is walking the streets of beautiful downtown Montreal between sessions!

If you want to get your workplace more active there are no shortage of great resources.  BC Recreation and Parks Association has a great guide that deals specifically with physical activity in the workplace and another for a workplace walking program.  The Canadian Cancer Society provides support through their WellnessWorks program which also includes a great component to help your employees go smoke free.

For tips on how to host meetings with better food and drink choices, check out the Eat Smart, Meet Smart Guide.  And if you think your employer needs convincing, the Public Health Agency of Canada has developed an overview of best practices  and resources to both demonstrate the business case and help employers create a more active, healthier workplace.

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