Built Environment and Active Transportation Initiative

The formula is simple. Increased awareness + safe opportunities for walking and cycling = more physically active neighbourhoods. However, rural and smaller communities are often limited in their ability to design pedestrian and cycling-friendly neighbourhoods. This initiative, led by the BC Recreation and Parks Association and the Union of BC Municipalities, prepares them to make the most out of infrastructure funding opportunities available to communities. And planners, civil engineers and other key stakeholders are being brought together to identify ways to plan for more active communities. BCAHL is on the ground – getting BC on the Move.

BC Recreation and Parks Association’s Built Environment and Active Transportation (BEAT) Initiative is focused on creating more supportive environments for physical activity by addressing community design, policy and transportation planning. Funding is provided by the BC Alliance for Healthy Living, with support from ActNow BC.

For more information contact Jessica Chant, Coordinator at 604-629-0965 ext 224 or jchant(at)bcrpa.bc.ca


February 25, 2010 lecture Active Transportation in Copenhagen NOW ONLINE

BC communities can learn a lot from this bike-friendly city. Copenhagen’s transport policy focuses on cycling, climate change, health and urban livability. In this presentation, Copenhagen’s Traffic Director Niels Torslov shares his experiences of how looking at traffic in terms of bicycles as much as automobiles can encourage an active, healthy population.  Visit www.physicalactivitystrategy.ca to view this lecture.

This lecture series is sponsored by the BC Recreation and Parks Association’s, the Bombardier Foundation and the Active Transport Lab at the University of British Columbia.


Resource for the BEAT!

The Benefits of Investing in Active Transportation helps communities build a case to invest in active transportation planning. Download it here: http://physicalactivitystrategy.ca/pdfs/BEAT/BEAT_Publication.pdf

Learn more about funding opportunities related to active transportation here: http://physicalactivitystrategy.ca/pdfs/BEAT/BEAT_Funding.pdf

Click here to visit the Built Environment and Active Transportation (BEAT) website

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