Forget the Shamrock Shake, Eat your Greens this St Patrick’s Day!

Perhaps other people’s subconscious is filled with healthier visions of St Patrick’s Days past, but mine tends more towards shamrock shakes, green icing on cookies and cupcakes and as we got older, really terrible green beer at campus pubs. As I’ve gotten older though, and have children of my own to celebrate with, I find myself looking for fun and festive ways to find the ‘luck ‘o the Irish’.

Some of the fun events I’ve found so far include:

The Vancouver St. Patrick’s Day 5km run with net proceeds going towards Canadian Diabetes Association. Come out and get your run on to celebrate this year – registration goes until Friday, no same-day sign-ups. The route runs through beautiful Stanley Park, along the seawall for most of the way, starting and finishing at the Stanley Park Pavilion.

For those who prefer to walk rather than run, The 8th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the Celtic festival’s largest and most popular free event, drawing people from all cultures and all walks of life. This colourful (mostly green) spectacle of fabulous sight and sound takes to the street on Sunday March 18, at 11:00 AM.

Be sure to also catch the free Celtic entertainment throughout the St. Patrick’s Day weekend in the Celtic Village on Granville Street, downtown Vancouver, including crafts and other kid-friendly activities.

Let’s also not forget the very leafy and green symbol of St. Patrick’s Day – so if you’re planning a celebratory meal don’t forget your leafy greens, an Irish stew can also fit the bill, just trim your meat and go easy on the salt!

In addition to St. Patrick’s Day, March is also Nutrition Month! Our friends at Dietitians of Canada have some great tips ‘to get the real deal on your meal.’ Check out the facts about your food with their on-line tip sheets. You can get the skinny on multigrain versus whole grain, why milk is good for more than baby cows, and how to easily add fruit and veg to your day.

Find your inner Irish ceilidh and dance a jig, go for a run, or march alongside the parade. Anyway you choose March is a good month to get outside and enjoy cultural activities in your community.

Sam Hartley-Folz
Manager, Programs and Policy
March 2012

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