Non-profits Need Your Voice to Survive COVID-19

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The impacts of COVID-19 have affected us all on a global scale; no one has been left untouched by the short-term and long-term effects of the emergency directives and protocols. Although governments have taken steps to support multiple sectors, the non-profit sector has yet to receive the lifeline that it needs to survive this crisis.

Our province’s non-profit organizations are essential for the health and well-being of individuals and communities across BC. Non-profits address homelessness, environmental sustainability, arts and culture, and specifically with BCAHL members, research, policy and programs that benefit us all.

According to Vantage Point’s No Immunity report, non-profits are also major contributors to our economy, contributing $6.4 billion to BC’s gross domestic product (GDP), which is more than agriculture, forestry and fishing. Non-profits also employ 86,000 people across the province, with women making up 74% of the sector’s workforce.

However, a large portion of non-profit funding has been cut due to the emergency COVID-19 procedures put in place. According to a recent survey of the non-profit sector by Vantage Point and the Victoria and Vancouver Foundations, an overwhelming 74% majority of non-profits are experiencing reduced revenue from fundraising, and 23% predict that they will be closing their doors over the next 6 months. That said, nearly 100% of the non-profits surveyed say that with governmental financial aid, they will be able to continue providing services and jobs to the community.

A graphic depicting the statistics highlighted above.

Even if all these statistics may seem outside of your everyday life, most of us are positively influenced by the work of non-profits in our communities, even in ways we may not notice. From community events that bring people together, to local trails built by recreation groups, to children’s and Seniors’ activities, to work training for youth and Newcomers and research on disease prevention and environmental sustainability, we all benefit from the hard work of non-profit organizations. Moreover, 62% of British Columbians volunteer their time to non-profits, which further increases the likelihood that someone in your social circle is directly affected by the major cut in resources.

A graphic depicting the statistics highlighted above.

We are clearly living through a very significant and unique moment in history, and as we plan for BC’s economic recovery, we encourage government to invest in the recovery of the non-profit sector. You can help turn up the volume on this important issue by:

Remember to share these initiatives on social media with your personal touch, or you can use our social media template below. For more ways to get involved, visit Building BC’s Recovery, Together webpage.

Although the ongoing challenges of a post-pandemic world is unpredictable, we can work together to ensure our community’s immediate and long term needs are met with as many resources as possible. Your voice is essential to the non-profit sector’s survival. Now is your opportunity to give back to the organizations that helped improve your community!

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