Vote for Health!

2014 Local Government Elections

YOU CAN VOTE if you’re 18 or older, have lived in BC for at least 6 months and in your community for one month. Need more info: check here


VOTE! Look in your local paper to find the polling station nearest to you.
Discuss issues with friends, neighbours and family
Spread the word to facebook friends, tweeps and email contacts
Attend all-candidates meetings – ask questions
Contact the politicians and parties seeking your vote and tell them you want them to support healthy living. Use our sample letter!

Get informed and engaged with the issues facing your community and…vote in the local government elections on Saturday, November 15th.

Many important amenities that help you and your family to live a healthy lifestyle are determined by the vision and priorities of local governments.

Local government decisions affect whether your neighbourhood is walkable, the number and condition of parks in your community, the budget for your local recreation centre, how the community is laid out and whether you have strip malls, big box, fast food chains, local agriculture, farmers’ markets or affordable housing.

These decisions affect your everyday life and you should have a say. Talk to your friends, family and neighbours, find out what the candidates stand for and….

On Saturday, November 15th Vote for Health with:

  1. Healthy Community Planning – more info
  2. Active Transportation – Providing More Places to Walk and Bike – more info
  3. Healthy Eating and Food Security – more info
  4. Renewal of Recreation Facilities – more info
  5. Health-Promoting Schools – more info
  6. Support for Affordable Housing – more info

 BCAHL is a strictly non-partisan alliance but we believe election time is a period to discuss the kind of actions needed to build a healthy future for ourselves and the next generation. We invite you to join in this discussion with your friends and families, in your community and with politicians running for office and seeking your vote.