Community Capacity Building

Thank you for the opportunity to learn skills that will benefit my community!

Capacity building engages people to make their community a healthier and more vibrant place. In part, it’s about helping local champions gain skills so they have a complete toolbox for improving the community they call home.

Between 2007 and 2010, the Canadian Cancer Society led BCAHL’s Community Capacity Building Strategy (CCBS) working with over 35 individual communities across the province as well as through a centrally coordinated provincial effort.

Many of the projects supported through this initiative continue today because Community Capacity Building strengthens local assets.

The Community Capacity Building Strategy

focused on communities with the greatest need and/or where there was a significant opportunity to build capacity within existing programs and resources;

used and built on the knowledge and experience of regional partners;

placed an emphasis on building, enhancing, and sustaining regional and community networks;

enhanced the capability of all those engaged (individuals, organizations, and communities) to sustain initiatives that improve community health; and

dedicated resources to training sessions and sustainability planning.

To find out more about the capacity building projects that took place in communities and the lessons learned, please read: