The Balance Sugary Drinks episode; a woman against an orange background holds a can of soda in her hand.

Sugary drinks: health impacts and equity implications

June 30, 2022 "Sugary drinks are uniquely problematic for a variety of reasons." One of those problems is that sugary drinks are everywhere: grocery store aisles dedicated to pop, juices, sports and energy drinks, at restaurants, at summer fairs, food stalls and markets, in advertisements, on billboards and in our social media feeds. In this episode of The Balance, we spoke with Dr. Tom Warshawski, chair of the Childhood Obesity Foundation, about the...Read More >

An older adult uses a walking stick with his left hand. He holds his grandson’s hand with his right hand.

Active Transportation: Equitable, Sustainable and Achievable

April 4, 2022 “The climate crisis is also a health crisis.” This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) is focusing on encouraging governments to create communities focused on peoples’ physical well-being while also addressing the health of the planet. With World Health Day and Earth Day just weeks apart, we are reminded of the intersections between climate change and health crisis. Last summer, B.C. was hit with a "heat dome," with temperatures soaring...Read More >

Headshot of Twila Amato, who's wearing a black top, grey blazer, and standing in nature.

Meet BCAHL’s New Communications Specialist

March 17, 2022 We are pleased to introduce BCAHL's newest staff member Twila Amato, our Communications Specialist. Twila's combination of experiences in broadcast news and marketing make her a great fit with respect to BCAHL's work in advancing and promoting healthy living policies and projects. Her degree in history and culture provides her with a holistic view of equity and inclusion in relation to health. We are delighted to welcome Twila to the team and...Read More >

Small Towns, Big Steps in Active Transport: Launch

February 1, 2022 BCAHL is excited to announce the launch of the Small Towns, Big Steps in Active Transport microsite and report. The vision for this project is to improve our understanding of how to increase active transportation and realize its health benefits in small communities. This project came from a strong interest in filling the knowledge gap about best and promising practices for promoting active transportation in smaller communities. The three objectives...Read More >

Small Towns Big Steps in Active Transport Workshop

Small Towns, Big Steps in Active Transport: Workshop

December 14, 2021 This workshop features presentations from leading communities that have successfully navigated challenges unique to smaller communities. Some of these challenges include: Creating a walkable downtown despite the main street acting as a highwayBuilding projects across jurisdictional boundariesNavigating grants and funding for active transportation projects Participants engaged in a discussion about overcoming barriers and what works to support active transportation in smaller communities.  Presenters include the research lead for BCHLA’s Small...WebinarRead More >

Reflections & Accomplishments: 2021

December 10, 2021 As we transition to an evolving “new normal,” BCAHL is taking strides to ensure that health and equity are part of this new foundation. Throughout this year, turmoil within economic, social, political and environmental realms have highlighted the need for investments and polices to prioritize health equity. For BCAHL, this year marks the launch of several projects and reports that are focused on strengthening healthy public policy for the benefit...Read More >

A Healthier Recovery for BC

A Healthier Recovery for BC

November 11, 2021 Living through this pandemic has been incredibly trying for all of us. We’ve had to make sacrifices in order to protect our collective health and face hard truths about injustices that exist in our society.  As we plan for a full reopening, many British Columbians expect a recovery plan that will respond to lessons learned from our COVID-19 experience.  For the BC Alliance for Healthy Living (BCAHL), this pandemic experience...Read More >

Small Towns, Big Steps in Active Transport: Webinar

October 27, 2021 In every corner of the province, there is a growing interest in developing more active transportation networks. Small Towns, Big Steps in Active Transport is a project to explore what works in smaller towns through in-depth research and case studies featuring 6 unique BC communities. Watch BCAHL’s webinar where we highlight major project findings, including: BC’s small town active transport champions; factors that help or hinder active transportation; and qualitative...WebinarRead More >

A Healthy Recovery: Submission to the 2022 Budget Consultation by BCAHL

September 9, 2021 Living through this pandemic has been incredibly trying for all of us. Many British Columbians expect action to further support recovery and respond to what has been learned from our COVID-19 experience. In this context, the coming budget will be important for prioritizing investment in a healthy recovery that puts us in a stronger position for the challenges ahead. For BCAHL, this pandemic experience underscores the importance of continuing support...Read More >

Physical Activity for Health Collaborative

About the Physical Activity for Health Collaborative

August 23, 2021 The Physical Activity for Health Collaborative is comprised of leaders in physical activity from academia, sport, recreation and health. The Collaborative is committed to increasing physical activity for all British Columbians. The Collaborative came together to address the urgent need to get British Columbians physically active, especially those who face barriers to being active. Collectively on social media, the Collaborative is amplifying messages on the positive benefits of physical activity;...Read More >

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