Help us create the way for a healthier future: an update on Bill S-228

March 28, 2019 Children see 25 million food and beverage ads per year and over 90% are for foods high in salt, sugar and saturated fat. (more…)

#NutritionMonth, #foodliteracy and the #earlyyears

March 18, 2019 March is #NutritionMonth and to celebrate Dietitians of Canada have produced five colourful, useful and fun fact sheets about unlocking the potential of food. (more…)

The good, the bad, and the way to better: a look at the Provincial Health Officer’s Report

March 13, 2019 On January 25th, 2019, Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s provincial health officer (PHO), released the report, Taking the Pulse of the Population: an update on the Health of British Columbians.   (more…)

#PinkShirtDay2019: a time to reflect on how we treat those living in poverty

February 28, 2019 On #PinkShirtDay2019, BCAHL’s Op-Ed piece on Basic Income was published in the Vancouver Sun.  It’s fitting that it was printed on a day dedicated to kindness and awareness around the stigmatization of bullying as those who live in poverty face many levels of stigmatization – from institutional to individual. (more…)


January 24, 2019 It’s National Non-Smoking Week and as Canadians we have a lot to celebrate.  In the past 50 years smoking rates have gone down significantly. (more…)

The True Cost of Healthy Eating

January 15, 2019 Making healthy food choices can be challenging in today’s food landscape with packed schedules, long commutes and the prevalence and convenience of fast foods luring us into bad decisions on empty stomachs.  (more…)

All the Right Moves: Physical Activity Across the Life Span

December 12, 2018 On December 4th, BCAHL hosted a webinar about physical activity across the life span, highlighting how important it is to be active at every age because how we move affects our health, independence and overall well-being. (more…)

Hey Gushers, Leave our Kids Alone!

November 28, 2018 Previously I wrote about how my son went on a vegetable-eating strike a few months’ shy of his second birthday.  Today at 4 years old, he has not picked up a veggie OR put down his picket sign. (more…)

An example of a delicious dinner my son would never eat in a

Space Carrots and Broccoli Brains – my son is having none of it

October 31, 2018 My son does not eat vegetables. No way. Not having it. Not going to make me. The last time he put a vegetable in his mouth -and actually chewed and swallowed it- (yup, those are counted as steps in our house), was a pudgy fistful of peas when he was just over a year and a half old. Around that time my husband and I unwittingly turned what may have...Read More >

Come On and Join the Local Motion: Learning from 4 Diverse ‘Active Communities’ Projects

October 30, 2018 On October 29th BCAHL hosted a webinar taking us behind the scenes of four successful and diverse Active Communities projects from across the province. (more…)