Guest post: BC Cycling Coalition’s COVID-19 and Active Transportation

March 24, 2020 Travel restrictions, social distancing, and stay-at-home orders have reduced our ability to move around freely. (more…)


March 2, 2020 The revised Canada food guide has got me thinking about how I eat.  Am I enjoying my food? Am I being mindful of eating it? Am I sharing meals with others? Or am I wolfing something down in front of a screen over lunch to answer a few more emails? Or am I eating an intimate late-night meal for two (aka me and Netflix) after wrestling the kids to bed?...Read More >

BC’s Health Organisations Cheer for New Taxes in BC Budget 2020 to Protect Youth Health

February 19, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Vancouver, BC, February 19, 2020: The introduction of new taxes on vaping products and sugary drinks in BC Budget 2020 is being applauded by leaders of BC’s health organizations that see them as effective measures for protecting youth health. (more…)

Healthy School Programs, Healthy Kids

January 29, 2020 On January 16th, the BC Alliance for Healthy Living hosted an informative webinar on healthy school programs. We heard from the BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) and the BC Chapter of the Coalition for Healthy School Food, who shared their insights and spoke about two unique projects that they deliver to increase kids’ health and wellbeing. (more…)

Help a parent out!

October 17, 2019 I hate grocery shopping. Although I am incredibly grateful to be able to pay for groceries without incurring debt (most months anyway), shopping for healthy food with my kiddos (ages 5 and 2) can be a wee bit overwhelming. My kids light up with desire the moment we push our cart down the aisle. In elation, they shout out names like auctioneers listing their most prized possessions: “PawPatrol!-Gummies!-Goldfish!-Cheetohs!-CheeseDoodles!-ChipsAhoy!-ChocolateMilk!” And they...Read More >


October 2, 2019 Last week was the annual Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) Convention and Tradeshow and BC Alliance for Healthy Living was thrilled to be part of it. With 2500 government officials, decision-makers and leaders ‘exploring the floor,’ it was a prime opportunity to talk healthy living initiatives with those who represent their communities. We were part of a public health powerhouse team, taking over a corner of the tradeshow with our...Read More >

Risky play

September 16, 2019 This September I have two new-school-year goals: 1) walk my son to kindergarten (you can read that blog post at bchealthyliving.ca/starting-school/; and 2) encourage his passion for risky play. The first time I heard the term “risky play” was when I was struck by Dr. Mariana Brussoni’s closing presentation at last year’s Public Health Association of BC (PHABC)’s annual conference.  (This year’s PHABC conference is coming up on November 14th...Read More >

Starting School

September 10, 2019 I was told this would happen.  While wearing my wee infant son strapped to my chest, kind strangers would take a look at my unkempt hair and flushed cheeks and tell me that -poof- not only would he eventually sleep through the night, be toilet trained, not run into traffic but that he would be going to school. Once that starts, they warned wistfully, watch out, you will miss having all this time with him. You will miss the diapers and even...Read More >


July 11, 2019 BCAHL is pleased to add our voice to the chorus of support for the Mayors’ Council’s #CureCongestion campaign. On May 23, 2019, the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation launched their mobilization campaign #CureCongestion, asking the public to call on their MPs and local candidates to invest in public transit, roads, bridges and active transportation through a Congestion Relief Fund. This campaign highlights the need for sustainable and predictable funding so...Read More >

Movers and Shakers: How Active Transportation Champions Can Change a Community

May 27, 2019 On May 16th, BCAHL hosted an engaging webinar on active transportation. We heard from three unique perspectives and projects happening in our province. (more…)