The True Cost of Healthy Eating

January 15, 2019 Making healthy food choices can be challenging in today’s food landscape with packed schedules, long commutes and the prevalence and convenience of fast foods luring us into bad decisions on empty stomachs.  (more…)

Two BC Public Health teams share the spotlight in the latest Evidence-Informed Decision Making Casebook

October 5, 2018 The National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools has just released Issue #2 of their Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EDIM) Casebook. (more…)

Poll Shows British Columbians Want Gov’t Action to Improve Children’s Health

April 24, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Vancouver (April 24, 2017) – Today, BC Alliance for Healthy Living is releasing results from their Health Priorities Survey which shows that 76% of British Columbians are very concerned about the impact of physical activity on children’s health – followed closely by nutrition (68%), mental health (67%) and poverty (65%). Scott McDonald, Chair of the BC Alliance for Healthy Living, said: “We know that 60% of children...Read More >


November 10, 2016 Our health and success as adults is largely shaped in childhood, in our families and communities. BC Alliance for Healthy Living has developed the #MakeBCHealthier4Kids policy guide to highlight key policies that can give children a solid foundation for a healthy and happy life. The policy guide includes three pillars: Healthier Communities: that are inclusive and socially connected; that are filled with greenspace, parks and recreation opportunities; where it is...Read More >

a literature review of men's health cover

A Literature Review of Men’s Health Interventions: Strategic Considerations

September 15, 2016 This brief scoping review was conducted for the Working on Wellness (WoW) in Strategic Populations Initiative. WoW is a partnership effort aimed at reducing preventable cancers and other chronic diseases through promotion of overall wellness and healthy choices in the workplace. The review synthesized literature on effective health intervention considerations, particularly focusing on communication strategies, to better reach primary male dominated workplaces. Topics related to chronic disease and associated risk...Read More >

Moving Ahead Together On Healthier Communities

July 21, 2015 When it comes to building healthier communities we all have a role to play. Partners from different sectors have different types of expertise and resources to contribute. Collaboration can make all the difference because it draws from the strengths of, and can mobilize the assets of, diverse contributors. This 2015 Framework Moving Ahead Together on Healthier Communities builds on consultation processes, done in partnership between Healthy Families BC, BC Healthy...Read More >

How does Men’s Health Work?

July 20, 2015 When it comes to expectations for a healthy long life, men are falling behind women. There are many reasons for this. Many men avoid seeing the doctor unless something is broken, bleeding or seriously wrong. In health promotion we do a better job of reaching women than men but this is a gap we’re trying to bridge. BCAHL, along with colleagues from the Centre of Excellence in Cancer Prevention at...Read More >

Submission to the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology

June 1, 2015 Thank you for inviting the BC Alliance for Healthy Living to present and provide input into your report on ‘the increasing incidence of obesity in Canada: causes, consequences and the way forward’. The BC Alliance for Healthy Living (BCAHL) is a group of nine non-profit organizations that came together to improve the health of British Columbians. Our focus is on leadership and collaborative action to address the risk factors and...Read More >

Policies to Support Health Promotion in the Workplace – What’s There and What’s Needed

December 18, 2014 BC Alliance for Healthy Living and WoW want to better understand the current policy landscape on workplace wellness in BC, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Many workplace wellness policies and programs are designed with the urban, office worker in mind; and the best practices and policies developed reflect that population. We know that there are gaps that need to be filled, but specifically we wanted to know - What...Read More >

‘BC ON THE MOVE’ in a Healthier Direction

December 10, 2014 Submission to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure CONSIDERING HEALTH IN THE PROVINCE'S TEN-YEAR TRANSPORTATION PLAN The BC Alliance for Healthy Living appreciates the opportunity to provide input into provincial planning that will determine the direction of transportation investments and policy over the next ten years. As well as being fundamental to our economy, transportation is an important determinant of health.[i] Transportation systems and planning have an enormous impact on...Read More >