Physical Activity and Extreme Weather Resources

Heat and poor air quality continue to be a concern for many in the province, especially with how it affects our bodies and the way we move outdoors in the summer.

As well as the tragic consequences of wildfires and heat domes, these also impact regular activity that contributes to our health and wellness. It constrains the kind of activities we can do safely outdoors that get our hearts pumping and our bodies moving. It means older adults, families with young kids, and people living with respiratory issues or chronic conditions have a harder time.

This is why we developed poor air quality and extreme heat resources that we hope will be helpful for organizations, groups, and physical activity leaders as they share messaging to encourage communities to be physically active, while still keeping their safety top of mind.

On this page, you will find the link to access and download our Poor Air Quality/Extreme Heat Social Media Toolkit.

For more resources on creating safe, equitable and accessible physical activity spaces and programming, visit our EverybodyMoves Resource Hub.