Take Care of Your Equipment

Take Care of Your Equipment – Reaching Industrial Worksites with Workplace Wellness

April 6, 2017 Please join BC Healthy Living Alliance on Thursday, April 6th from 9:00-10:30am to learn about how you can increase the wellness of workers outside of the office environment. Get access to the latest case studies, how-to’s and hands-on resources. BCHLA and our partners at Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Mental Health Association developed new resources for workplaces that don’t quite fit within traditional office environments. They are excited to share...Read More >

Food Security for Families

Ripe for Change – Food Insecurity in BC

December 6, 2016 On December 6th, BCHLA hosted a webinar on food insecurity in BC. Affordable, healthy food is essential to a healthy life.  But when food quality or quantity is compromised it creates stress and ultimately negative health consequences. People living on low incomes have a much higher risk of developing chronic disease and experiencing poor health overall - a big part of this is related to diet and food quality. Healthy...Read More >

You’ve Got to Move it, Move it! – Building Communities that Motivate People to Walk and Bike

June 23, 2016 On June 23rd, BC Healthy Living Alliance together with our partners at the Real Estate Foundation of BC hosted an exciting webinar on healthier built environments. Given that communities that make walking and biking more convenient and comfortable for people also make it easier for people to be healthier.   The webinar focused on research and tools that can help build support for healthier communities. Angus McAllister laid the context with...Read More >

Health on the Go – There’s an App for That!

April 6, 2016 On Wednesday, April 6th, BCHLA’s webinar: “Health on the Go – There’s an App for That!” featured the innovative, emerging field of mobile health. The webinar looked at the current research as well as opportunities for leveraging the ubiquitous smart-phone to promote health and wellness including BC’s recently launched Carrot Rewards App. Our first presenter, Dr. Emily Seto,  with the University of Toronto, provided an overview of the emergence of...Read More >

Post –Movember Check Up – the Write Up

December 8, 2015 BCHLA co-hosted a fantastic webinar in December with our friends at CDPAC (Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada). Both of our speakers, Dr. Larry Goldenberg and Dr. John Oliffe, were able to share some of the wealth of knowledge and experience that they bring to the topic of men’s health and wellness Check out the full recording! The webinar explored why men’s health matters, provided data showing why more emphasis...Read More >

See Jane Thrive! Lessons for Healthier Early Childhood Development

June 24, 2015 It’s often said that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and this is definitely true when we look at creating conditions for healthy early childhood development. On June 24th, BCHLA hosted a webinar to highlight some of the lessons from those who are working to give young children a healthy beginning. Joseph Dunn, the Provincial Director of Success by 6 started off the webinar. He described the Success...Read More >

‘The Transportation Referendum and Your Health’ Webinar Summary

January 28, 2015 There is a huge body of evidence that shows that community design and transportation systems greatly impact our ability to be healthy, which is why at BCHLA we are big supporters of active transportation and healthier built environments. On January 28th BCHLA hosted a webinar: ‘The Transportation Referendum and Your Health’. The outcome of that referendum - and the transportation infrastructure that will result from a Congestion Improvement Tax -...Read More >

Working Together for Healthier Communities

October 16, 2014 When it comes to building healthier communities, we believe it’s important to have people from different sectors involved. That is because partners from different sectors have different expertise and resources to contribute. Collaboration can make all the difference because it draws from the strengths of, and can mobilize the assets of, diverse contributors. To put this discussion in context, over the past several years, BCHLA, in partnership with the Ministry...Read More >

On the Path to Better Health – A Closer Look at Three Routes

May 26, 2014 On May 26th, 2014, BC Healthy Living Alliance hosted the webinar: On the Path to Better Health - A Closer Look at Three Routes. Mary Collins, Director of the BCHLA Secretariat provided an overview of the findings and recommendations of BCHLA’s most recent report On the Path to Better Health. She talked about the BC trends in chronic disease with modifiable risk factors over the past decade. She also discussed...Read More >

Let’s Get Physical! Programs and Policies to Get BC Moving

February 19, 2014 BCHLA joined a group of 90+ enthusiastic participants for a webinar on how to get BC families moving together on February 19th.  We heard from a range of speakers on what’s new in BC, and best practices in programs and policies to engage families in increasing their activity levels ¬ - whether in the pool, at the park or in the woods. Getting regular physical activity is one of the...Read More >