Mobile Produce Markets: A Food Security Solution webinar

BC Alliance for Healthy Living’s recent research has shown that 93% of British Columbians are not eating the recommended five or more servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

We know that increasing fruit and vegetable intake helps prevent chronic disease, but how do we get to that point? Canadians are facing a high inflation rate and coupled with barriers that people may face in terms of healthy food availability and access, it’s no wonder a lot of people are not eating enough fruit and vegetables.  

Enter mobile produce markets: a kind of retail opportunity that meets consumers where they are, instead of having people come to the store. Mobile produce markets provide people the opportunity to purchase healthy food items and fresh produce at an affordable price without having to commute far, thus encouraging them to keep purchasing healthy food.

This webinar will show the benefits of delivering a mobile produce market service in under-resourced urban neighbourhoods and rural areas, and how it can address food insecurity in vulnerable communities.

Speakers’ profiles:

Pamela Hess is the Executive Director of Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food & Agriculture, based in Washington, D.C. Before coming to Arcadia, Pamela worked as a national security journalist, then led a D.C.-based food and wine magazine that celebrated sustainable food and farming in the area. Since then, she has joined Arcadia, bringing a large and expanding network of farmers and food advocates to the organization.

Zoë Levitt is the Markets & Education Manager at The Nourish and Develop Foundation (TNDF), based in Cannington, Ontario. Zoe is responsible for various programs including the community garden, educational workshops, Seed Library, Night Market, and Mobile Food Market. Zoë started the Mobile Food Market in 2020, which now brings fresh, local produce, prepared meals and meal kits to Brock Township community members every week.

For more information:

If you would like more information on the ins and outs of mobile produce markets or speak with other food security advocates in Canada and the US, you can email Pamela and she can add you to the mobile market listserv.

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