In the upcoming 2017 BC Election, BC Healthy Living Alliance is focusing on what can be done to #MakeBCHealthier4Kids.

This Healthy Election Toolkit has resources you can use to prompt the candidates in your area to take a stand on healthy living issues. The sidebar on the right-hand side of this page includes:

Our health and success as adults is largely shaped in childhood, in our families and communities.  BC Healthy Living Alliance has developed the #MakeBCHealthier4Kids policy guide to highlight key policies that can give children a solid foundation for a healthy and happy life.

The policy guide is divided into three sections:

  • Healthier Communities: that are inclusive and socially connected; that are filled with greenspace, parks and recreation opportunities; where it is easy to walk, bike or take transit; and are served by health promoting schools and are smoke-free.
  • Healthier Food Environments: that protect children from marketing of unhealthy foods, discourage sugary drinks and provide healthy food choices.
  • Supportive Families: that have basic resources to support their children’s well-being with affordable housing, quality childcare and income security.

This election, let’s get the word out!

  • Connect with the candidates,
  • Share with friends and family,
  • Add your voice to the public debate.

There is so much more BC can do to #MakeBCHealthier4Kids.