Introducing the After-School Active Play Club

The After-school Active Play Club provides a unique opportunity for elementary and middle school children to engage in unstructured play on their school grounds after the school day ends. Under the light supervision of an adult, children are free to explore, create, and interact, fostering their physical, social, and emotional development. 

We are trialling an early version of this program across schools in B.C., and includes an Active Play Grant to get you started!   

The goal is to let kids be kids: run around, play, learn about themselves, their friends, and the world around them. Even if it’s just for an hour, After-School Play Clubs will help children move more, socialize and lessen their screen time.

Supervisors play a supportive role, much like a lifeguard – someone who watches from a distance. The key is to oversee without interfering (which might be tough to resist at times). A supervisor should be there to handle real emergencies and to stay mostly in the background, letting children lead their own play. This approach allows children to develop independent thinking, social skills, and problem-solving abilities.

BC Alliance for Healthy Living is offering Active Play Grants to help in the running of your After-school Active Play Club. These grants are intended to assist with the initial setup and ongoing operations of the club for the pilot period.

To learn more about the After-school Active Play Club and how to apply for an Active Play Grant, visit the program website.

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