BCAHL is pleased to add our voice to the chorus of support for the Mayors’ Council’s #CureCongestion campaign.

On May 23, 2019, the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation launched their mobilization campaign #CureCongestion, asking the public to call on their MPs and local candidates to invest in public transit, roads, bridges and active transportation through a Congestion Relief Fund.

This campaign highlights the need for sustainable and predictable funding so that the region can keep Metro Vancouver moving.

BCAHL is very interested in keeping people moving. Complete networks provide people with a way to build physical activity into their daily travels and connect with their community.  That’s two potential ways of increasing positive health outcomes.

There is a growing body of research that shows social connections can impact chronic disease risk factors. Plus, according to the recently released CCS-funded ComPARe report, 1300 cases of cancer in BC in 2015 were attributable to physical inactivity.

BCAHL believes that an investment in active transportation as a part of the Congestion Relief Fund is an investment in health and wellness.

But it’s going to take even more than a coalition of active mayors and stakeholders to get these commitments from the federal parties and candidates running in fall 2019; it’s going to take thousands of us, working together.

You can send a message to your MP and local candidates and ask them to invest in the Congestion Relief Fund so that we can #CureCongestion and improve quality of life and health outcomes for all of us.


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