Daffodils – Fight back against cancer!

How quickly a year goes by and once again our friends at the Canadian Cancer Society and their thousands of supporters are wearing a daffodil pin to remind us of an ongoing battle. Based on 2011 estimates:

  • 40% of Canadian women and 45% of men will develop cancer during their lifetimes.
  • An estimated 1 out of every 4 Canadians is expected to die from cancer.

These statistics are terrible and frightening, but Daffodil Month and the Canadian Cancer Society’s message is not doom and gloom, but one of hope. They want to get us thinking about how we can each make a difference, as individuals.

For starters, we can do the things that give us our best shot at preventing cancer:

We can also contribute financially to organizations that are supporting the fight against cancer with research on the causes and cures. We can reach out to friends, family and colleagues who we know are in the midst of fighting this disease to provide our support, even in small ways.

Creating community within our scope is critical to good health – and I think that what Daffodil Month does for me is remind me of the larger community that we all share.

The Canadian Cancer Society and the BC Government are also looking at ways to help the business community ‘fight back’ with the Wellness Fits program. If you’re a business, small or large, check out their website www.wellnessfits.ca to see how you can support your employees in preventing chronic disease and, at the same time, improve your bottom line.

To donate online or to find out where you can get a daffodil pin go to fightback.ca or contact your local Society office. The pins are also available at participating locations of Curves, First Choice Haircutters, Laura Canada, JACOB, LifeLabs, MAC’s, Pacrim Hospitality Services hotels, Pharmasave and WirelessWave / Tbooth. Although the pin is not being sold for a set price, the Society encourages Canadians to make a donation to help support its work.

So this April, get involved! Purchase a daffodil pin, check out the Wellness Fits site, or take a health break – just put on some sunscreen and go for a walk– every bit helps ‘fight back’.

Samantha Hartley-Folz
Manager, Programs and Policy
April 2012

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