Sample Questions for All-Candidates Meetings

Vote for Health!
2014 Local Government Elections

Healthy Living Policy Checklist

  • How will you as an elected official ensure that the health of citizens is considered in future zoning, planning and development decisions?
  • What incentives would you put forward to encourage more choices in affordable housing for those in our community who are living with lower incomes?
  • What do you propose to do to improve the walkability of our area?
  • What type of measures would you bring in to support more cycling in our community?
  • How will you ensure that our Parks & Recreation facilities and programs meet the diverse needs of our population (seniors, youth, adults and children as well as those on low incomes and with special needs)?
  • Have you considered what could be done in our community to make it more livable for seniors (in terms of mobility, activity and housing options that allow citizens to ‘age in place’)?
  • How do you think we can make our community better for children and youth?
  • Will you describe ways you (the candidate) plan to support local food production and improve access to healthy foods for those on low or fixed incomes?

Healthy Schools

  •  As a school trustee, how would you support disadvantaged students to be successful in school and to improve their chances of graduation?
  • How do you propose to increase the number of children walking and biking to school?
  • As the school-age demographics shift will you consider walking distance in your decisions to situate new schools or close old schools?