Video Inspiration for Your Aspirations of a Healthier Workplace in 2017!

Set against the visually stunning backdrop of our worksites in BC and the NWT, Working on Wellness (WoW) has launched a series of 5 videos. Each 5-minute video will walk you through how to launch a wellness program in your workplace – taking you from planning to action, step by step.

The final video profiles active workplace wellness programs in BC and the NWT that will inspire you to get started.


Video 1 Introduction

Outlines the importance of workplace health, and some of the reasons why Diavik Diamond Mine and Island Timberlands decided to start their programs. Each industry has its own unique set of challenges; however, we’ve seen that many of these health risks are common across a variety of workplaces.



Video 2 Foundation

Describes the importance of management buy-in at the senior level, involvement of middle managers and employees to get the program started and steps for getting that buy-in. It also describes the role of wellness champions and committees for long term engagement.



Video 3 Assessment

Outlines how to assess your worksite and understand the level of interest in healthy living at your workplace, including how to build on what already exists at your workplace so that you’re not starting from scratch. Steps include: an audit or scan of the physical environment, an organizational policy review and employee interest survey or scan.



Video 4 Program Plan

Once you’ve assessed your workplace, the planning begins! Video 4 will help walk you through the planning documents and WoW resources. Setting up a 12-month program plan will be an important guide as you move ahead; make sure it aligns with the activities in your workplace and with available human resources.



Video 5 Implementation

This final video provides examples from champions that have led successful programs in their own workplaces – highlighting some ideas for workplace activities and policy changes that got people moving, sleeping and eating better.


If you have always wanted to have a healthier workplace then these videos and the WoW resources will guide you towards your goal of a happier, healthier workplace in 2017!